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Dyson vacuum cleaners and probably the best bagless cleaner on the market today. Dyson spend millions of pounds a year on research in fact they spend 1.5 million pounds a week to ensure that their products are on of the best. They constantly look at new ideas not just using the conventional type of cleaner that every one is used to.

QUAFIL306Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are design to last the user a long time and are stronger that most people think. Having said that we see people abusing their vacuum cleaner not cleaning filters, brushrolls & bin assembly’s thus shortening the life of the motor in side the machine. Filters are an important part of any vacuum cleaner and when blocked create a vacuum and make the appliance loose suction and the motor very quickly over heats. There are thermal cut outs built into the motor to help, if overheated they will activate and the machine will stop. If left to cool now will work again but, if you have not found the reason it cut out the first time it will do it again.

We find that people bring them into us for repair which we can fix by stripping down the appliance, cleaning the whole appliance, replacing the filters or QUABRL53cleaning them to bring it back to life. People have been known to throw away the appliance in this case when nothing is wrong with it apart from the fact it just needs a quick service.

If you regularly check your filters and keep them clean keep the brushroll clear of hair keep the rest of the air way clear of debris then you will have these machines for years.

Over time you may need to replace parts Filters,  brushrolls & belts we can supply you we all part you require. We stock both Original parts and pattern parts at original quality.

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