Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bags

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Well in this day an age you would think that most people use bagless cleaners like Dyson’s. There are still plenty of manufactures making vacuum cleaners that take dust bags these would include Bosch, Siemens, Oreck, Sebo, Miele, Numatic and more. There are good reason to have a dust bag and some bad. Some good reasons are easy emptying of dust, simply change the bag and quasdb340mfreplace a new one with out getting a face full of dust, as you change your bag you change the main filter as the bag is if fact a filter & they are Easy to maintain. The two main bad points would be that some paper bags can burst as the pores in the bag get blocked and the bag acts as a balloon, this can happen to some inferior quality bags before the bags full. The Second would be that as the paper dust bag fills up with debris from your floor or carpet the suction reduces as the pores with in the bag get block as mentioned before reducing the machines performance .

You can buy microfibre bags which are strong and much less likely to burst QUASDB369and also have better filtration & some come with hepa filtration for allergy sufferers.

We mostly stock Qualtex Hygienic vacuum bags which are made to the manufactures specifications, but not as expensive. We do not stock inferior quality bags that can be found else where. We can also get the manufactures original bags to those who prefer to use them.

Here at Appliance Spares Direct we stock over 300 different types of vacuum bags for current machine as well as old ones. We can send out to you directly to your door or if you are local to us you can call in a collect in store.