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Extraction rate of cooker hoods is it important?

3 questions about cooker hood extraction rates

BoschDWA064W51B_defThe main reason for having a cooker hood is to extract smells and grease from the kitchen. The extraction rate of the cooker hood gives an indication of how powerful the hood is and how effective it is at doing this.

The extraction rate can be called airflow which refers to the amount of air per m3 that can be extracted in one hour. The move powerful the extraction rate the more air can be removed.

1. Is the extraction rate the same for recirculating and ducted hoods?

Short answer no its not.

With all cooker hoods that are used in recirculation mode, as they have no duct to remove the smells and rely on a charcoal filter to do this job, this in turn reduces the airflow by 30%.


If the hood is ducted out then the length and diameter of the duct will affect the extraction rate, the more bends and longer or narrower the duct the lower the extraction rate, if a concertina hose is used this will also affect the extraction rate. If the ducting is longer than 3-4 meter or more and has more than 2 bends this will reduce the extraction rate of the appliance.


Recommended size manufactures is rigid 150mm diameter ducting for optimum results.


2.What extraction rate do I need?

In order to calculate what extraction rate / airflow hood you need, you need to you simply measure the length, width and height of you room and multiply them together then multiply by 10, please see example below.

For example: If your kitchen is 5 meters wide, 7 meters long and 3 meters high, your calculation will be:
(5 x 7 x 3) x 10 = 1050

This means that a hood with an extraction rate of 1050 m3/h should achieve efficient ventilation of the room, anything less will not extract air effectively.

3. How is the extraction rate reported?

Most manufacturers, comply with the European standard IEC EN 61591. This means that the airflow is measured in a realistic scenario: after one meter of ducting plus one 90° bend plus one more meter of ducting.

If a hood can only be used in recirculation mode, then the airflow should be measured at the point of the metal grease filter with the charcoal filter in place (which reduces the airflow.


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Smeg Retro Refrigeration

Smeg 50’s Style Retro refrigeration is very must sort after these days!

These free-standing appliance looks fantastic in the modern home and are a stylish option for many people bringing back the 50’s style. I you were to ask most people what appliances Smeg sell, most would say the retro fridge, although they do make many other appliances as well.

Within each range there are many exciting and different colours to choose from. Cream, Black and Red are the most popular however for the Blackpool Football supports the orange one is very nice, they also come in Denim, Union Jack, Pink, Pastel Blue, Silver, Green and Lime Green.

The FAB10 is the Fridge and the smallest one, the FAB28 is a tall fridge with a 4* ice box, the FAB30 is a fridge with a freezer on top and the FAB32 is a fridge with the freezer at the bottom. These are all either A+ or A++ on energy so they are energy efficient.

The doors on these appliances do not change over, if you require one you need to order either left or right hand hinge.

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Smeg Retros

Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bags

Vacuum Bags, Vac Bags, Dust Bags

Well in this day an age you would think that most people use bagless cleaners like Dyson’s. There are still plenty of manufactures making vacuum cleaners that take dust bags these would include Bosch, Siemens, Oreck, Sebo, Miele, Numatic and more. There are good reason to have a dust bag and some bad. Some good reasons are easy emptying of dust, simply change the bag and quasdb340mfreplace a new one with out getting a face full of dust, as you change your bag you change the main filter as the bag is if fact a filter & they are Easy to maintain. The two main bad points would be that some paper bags can burst as the pores in the bag get blocked and the bag acts as a balloon, this can happen to some inferior quality bags before the bags full. The Second would be that as the paper dust bag fills up with debris from your floor or carpet the suction reduces as the pores with in the bag get block as mentioned before reducing the machines performance .

You can buy microfibre bags which are strong and much less likely to burst QUASDB369and also have better filtration & some come with hepa filtration for allergy sufferers.

We mostly stock Qualtex Hygienic vacuum bags which are made to the manufactures specifications, but not as expensive. We do not stock inferior quality bags that can be found else where. We can also get the manufactures original bags to those who prefer to use them.

Here at Appliance Spares Direct we stock over 300 different types of vacuum bags for current machine as well as old ones. We can send out to you directly to your door or if you are local to us you can call in a collect in store.



Dyson Vacuum cleaner parts

We stock hundreds of Dyson vacuum cleaner parts

Dyson vacuum cleaners and probably the best bagless cleaner on the market today. Dyson spend millions of pounds a year on research in fact they spend 1.5 million pounds a week to ensure that their products are on of the best. They constantly look at new ideas not just using the conventional type of cleaner that every one is used to.

QUAFIL306Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are design to last the user a long time and are stronger that most people think. Having said that we see people abusing their vacuum cleaner not cleaning filters, brushrolls & bin assembly’s thus shortening the life of the motor in side the machine. Filters are an important part of any vacuum cleaner and when blocked create a vacuum and make the appliance loose suction and the motor very quickly over heats. There are thermal cut outs built into the motor to help, if overheated they will activate and the machine will stop. If left to cool now will work again but, if you have not found the reason it cut out the first time it will do it again.

We find that people bring them into us for repair which we can fix by stripping down the appliance, cleaning the whole appliance, replacing the filters or QUABRL53cleaning them to bring it back to life. People have been known to throw away the appliance in this case when nothing is wrong with it apart from the fact it just needs a quick service.

If you regularly check your filters and keep them clean keep the brushroll clear of hair keep the rest of the air way clear of debris then you will have these machines for years.

Over time you may need to replace parts Filters,  brushrolls & belts we can supply you we all part you require. We stock both Original parts and pattern parts at original quality.

Dyson Spare Parts

Has your Dyson Lost its Suck!

Dyson Spare Parts

Dyson vacuum cleaners are amongst one of the most popular vacuum cleaner in the UK today. Have you ever thought that your cleaner was not picking up as well as it once did? We have seen people throw away good vacuum cleaners simply because they needed a simple service. The main problem with bagless vacuum cleaners is that most people do not clean or replace their filters regular enough this leads to loss of suction and early motor burn outs. This can be avoided if you clean your filters once a month and have the Dyson or other bagless vacuum cleaner serviced once a year.QUAFIL306




Here at Appliance Spares Direct Ltd we can service your Dyson Cleaner or other vacuum cleaner and bring it back to life for you. We can provide you with the correct Dyson Spare Parts  for your appliance to enable you to fix it your self. We also sell Hundreds of other vacuum cleaner spares including paper bags, belts and filters so if thats what your after we will be able to help.

Get Siemens appliances here!!

Siemens appliances are a high end appliance brand

Siemens was established in the United Kingdom 170 Years Ago.
The company employs around 13,520 people in the UK, including about 5,000 in the manufacturing sector. Last year’s revenues were £3.2 billion*. As a leading global engineering and technology services company, Siemens provides innovative solutions to help tackle the world’s major challenges, across the key sectors of energy, industry, infrastructure & cities and healthcare. Siemens has offices and factories throughout the UK, with its headquarters in Frimley, Surrey.

Siemens WM14E460GB


Amongst many things Siemens makes high end appliances some of them come with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee. Others come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee. These include Washing Machines,  Dishwashers, Cookers etc. All Siemens products across the full range are built to the same    high quality as they get higher up the range the style and technology gets more advanced, see below for information regarding the iQ range and what each range means. Many of these appliances have  a Function Called “vario perfect” This is a button which you can use to shorten the programme length but get the same wash results.

What Siemens say about vario perfect

“Would you like perfect laundry done quickly, or with maximum energy efficiency? With Siemens’ new varioPerfect technology, the choice is yours. Whether you opt to save time with speedPerfect or save money with ecoPerfect, you’ll get perfect washing results every time. You can activate either function with any standard or special programme with the exception of wool handwashandrapid 15. The machine automatically adjusts the wash process for perfect washing results”.

The iQ Range

Siemens introducing Their range of fully co-ordinated appliances. Good looking on their own… fabulous together. One of the major driving forces behind the creation of Siemens; iQ range was to make it easy to achieve seamless design co-ordination between appliances. The range comes in four distinct variants and covers almost every kitchen appliance they make, with all pieces carefully designed to combine effortlessly with each other.


Exceptional design allied with seriously innovative technology is the basis of these, Siemens Premium Models.


Exuding class and refinment, these machines unite first-class features with top-class technology.


Good-looking appliances equipped with an attractive selection of smart features.


Typical siemens Style and build quality offering exceptional value. 


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When your oven breaks down

What to do when your oven breaks down, Oven not getting Hot?

This could be a faulty fan element for the oven or grill or a fan motor that is causing this issue or it could be something else faulty thermostat or thermal cut out. This can be a problem when you have hungry mouths to feed. Well you could find out what the problem is yourself, you could call and engineer or you could simply go out and buy a brand new one.

repair man
We can repair your old appliance or supply you with a brand new one at very competitive rates


At Appliance Spares Direct Ltd we can provide all of the above, we stock 1000’s of spare parts for all types of domestic appliances so we can provide you with the right part to fit your appliance so you can fix it yourself. We can send our engineer out to you and fix it for you or we can simply supply you with a brand new one with a free local delivery, install it for you and take away the old appliance as well, all at very competitive rates. We offer a price promise on like for like basis see examples below.


If you are unsure please call on 01253 69009 where one of our staff will be happy to help you.


Fixing your own household appliances can be cost effective and less time consuming.

If you wish to fix your own household appliances we have a wide range of different parts now available which can be purchased and delivered right to your door. When it comes to the appliances in our homes many of us turn to engineers, plumbers etc. This may seem as though it is cost effective however you can often find yourself spending more.

Many more homeowners are taking up DIY as it has proven to be more cost effective and if you are looking to fix a variety of household appliances we have a wide selection of spare parts available on our website where you can ensure that you receive only the most perfect items for you. Ringing plumbers and engineers can end up costing you more, even more so if you already know what type of spare part you require. This is because they can often take a few days to arrive at your property and then once a decision has been made as to what is required to fix it; it can then take up to two weeks for them to receive it.

Here at Appliance Spares Direct we have a numerous ranges of spare parts in stock at all times and can have your items delivered right to your front door in a quick, easy and low cost service.