Fixing your own household appliances can be cost effective and less time consuming.

If you wish to fix your own household appliances we have a wide range of different parts now available which can be purchased and delivered right to your door. When it comes to the appliances in our homes many of us turn to engineers, plumbers etc. This may seem as though it is cost effective however you can often find yourself spending more.

Many more homeowners are taking up DIY as it has proven to be more cost effective and if you are looking to fix a variety of household appliances we have a wide selection of spare parts available on our website where you can ensure that you receive only the most perfect items for you. Ringing plumbers and engineers can end up costing you more, even more so if you already know what type of spare part you require. This is because they can often take a few days to arrive at your property and then once a decision has been made as to what is required to fix it; it can then take up to two weeks for them to receive it.

Here at Appliance Spares Direct we have a numerous ranges of spare parts in stock at all times and can have your items delivered right to your front door in a quick, easy and low cost service.

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