Smeg Retro Refrigeration

Smeg 50’s Style Retro refrigeration is very must sort after these days!

These free-standing appliance looks fantastic in the modern home and are a stylish option for many people bringing back the 50’s style. I you were to ask most people what appliances Smeg sell, most would say the retro fridge, although they do make many other appliances as well.

Within each range there are many exciting and different colours to choose from. Cream, Black and Red are the most popular however for the Blackpool Football supports the orange one is very nice, they also come in Denim, Union Jack, Pink, Pastel Blue, Silver, Green and Lime Green.

The FAB10 is the Fridge and the smallest one, the FAB28 is a tall fridge with a 4* ice box, the FAB30 is a fridge with a freezer on top and the FAB32 is a fridge with the freezer at the bottom. These are all either A+ or A++ on energy so they are energy efficient.

The doors on these appliances do not change over, if you require one you need to order either left or right hand hinge.

Available to purchase from Appliance Spares Direct Ltd

Now on display in-store!


Smeg Retros

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